Interactive Entertainment at the Young Hearts & Minds Event!

Interactive Entertainment at the Young Hearts & Minds Event!

#ArtsDialogue CollectiveWhen they aren’t performing on the main stage, throughout the 2 days of Young Hearts & Minds you will find the #ArtsDialogue Collective in Bar One of the Waterfront. With live music, demonstrations and interactive activities including our Sensory Peace programme.  

In their work over the past 14 years, through creative peacebuilding activities Beyond Skin have been working with people with mental health & trauma issues due to the impact of conflict or living in a post conflict society. Action Trauma are delighted to be able to include Beyond Skin as part of theYoung Hearts & Minds programme.


The #ArtsDialogue Collective are: 

Ami Yares: Professional musician & the executive director of BuildaBridge International (BaB). BaB is an arts intervention NGO that uses trauma-informed programming to instil hope and healing in vulnerable populations. The team consists of teaching artists and board-certified arts and music therapists who work in tandem with one another. Based in Philadelphia, BaB has provided over 18 years of trauma-informed art making all over the world. BaB currently works with refugees who have experienced torture, Latina domestic abuse survivors and youth in and around Philadelphia.  Ami Yares has also been involved in Heartbeat – an organisation uniting Palestinian & Israeli Youth through Music.  

Dr. Janelle Junkin:  Dr. Junkin is a board-certified music therapist and an independent researcher currently conducting a Program Impact Evaluation for the Armed Services Arts Partnership, Washington DC. She has taught at various universities in the Philadelphia region and is currently an adjunct professor at Harrisburg University, Philadelphia campus. Dr. Junkin works with BuildaBridge International as the Director of Community Programming and Research. She is the co-founder of unlock Ngenuity which focuses on consulting, creativity, and community through therapy, coaching and research. She is published in the Journal of Applied Arts & Health and the International Journal of Education & the Arts. Her areas of research include child and youth identity development, the role of the arts in conflict transformation, and understanding the community arts and creative arts therapists as vehicles that provide hope and healing to people and communities in crisis. 

Dr Shelley Deane (director of Brehon Advisory): Brehon Advisory is a UK based company working to address conflict related crises, and to educate and train in conflict affected communities in the Middle East and North Africa. Shelley provides strategic advisory, training, education, and mediation services to governments, private companies, foundations, institutions international donors. 

Mark Smuilian: Music Producer, Musician, Peace Activist, Sound Therapist. Co-founder of  and also the founder and developer of the Lydianstream system and the Lydian MindHarp©&® that recognises, adapts and transfers the unique mature emotional skills used in musical performance into non-musical situations; increasing team awareness, peace building, conflict resolution and mindful interactions between people collaborating on any style of project. 

Mim Suleiman: Mim was born in Zanzibar and lived in Shangani (Stone Town) for most of her childhood, where she attended Tumekuja School and moved to the UK in the late 80s. Vocalist, Songwriter, Performer, Composer, Musician, & Workshop facilitator Mim Suleiman has been described as Mama Africa of the modern era. Mim has worked with Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD festival extensively, leading workshops and performing. Mim has also been working with Beyond Skin since the beginning of 2017 

Tessa Ann (Sound and Healing Spa): Tessa has worked in the areas of sound, music and personal development for 20 years. Having founded the Beat ‘n’ Track Music Education Centre in 2003 she has delivered various music programmes and events, through which she has mentored and inspired individuals of all ages and walks of life to pursue their dreams in music.   As working with sound in a positive way is important to Tessa, she has brought a new aspect to her work, through ‘The Sound Healing Spa’, where she delivers a range of Sound Therapy sessions to individuals and groups, as well providing it as a relaxation zone to festivals and events. The Sound Healing Spa has been showcased at charity and community events, receiving great feedback on it’s ability to relax and reinvigorate people in equal measure. 

Claire-Louise Turner: Musician, Peace Activist, Therapeutic Counselling. Workshop facilitator. 

Andrea Walker: Artist, Youth Leader, Film Producer and facilitator. Member of United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY) E-Yat group working to bring the UN resolution 2250 to the forefront of peace building, working to promote young people as equals in peace building.  

Nikos Petsakos: Music teacher of traditional stringed instruments (Greek bouzouki, mandolin, tzoura, baglama, Greek lute, guitar, & banjo) 29 years of experience playing in concerts and music groups including Arcadiko conservatory, Choir of Atalanti, Conservatory of Argous – Mikinon  

Amita Ravikirana: Professional singer and artist from South India. Specializing in facilitating Indian Arts & Crafts workshops. 

Hajer Ben Massaoud: Singer / Songwriter currently based in Belfast through Erasmus+ programme. 

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