Early adverse experiences leading to developmental trauma

How to Re-Build The Self – From The Bottom Up

This talk will invite you on a multi-sensory tour of trauma. Through the use creative imagery, storytelling, animation and experiential exercises – we will walk you through a narrative about how early adverse experiences lead to developmental trauma in the child’s growing mind and body; and how it is held within individuals, families and the community.

En route to finding out how to repair early trauma, we understand how the trauma carried in the parents’ body is passed down to the next generation through the attachment relationship. The walk finds its way to the question of repair – and we explore how working from the bottom (primitive) brain upwards can help an individual to regulate feelings, process ‘frozen’ memories and redefine relationships.

We plant the seed of change – person by person; family by family and community by community.


What you will learn?

1. Learn about the multiple layers of society where trauma can become frozen in time
2. Develop an understanding of how toxic stress in childhood elicits fight/flight/freeze responses in children; which narrows their window of tolerance for further stress.
3. Have the opportunity to apply knowledge about the impact of repeated trauma on brain development to a ‘real life’ scenario through story telling.
4. Be alerted to the process of trans-generational trauma and the importance of the attachment relationship in improving outcomes for children
5. Consider the process of repair, with a focus on the power of individual trauma-focussed therapy and its impact on family relationships.
6. Be invited to use the self in the moment to engage fully with the multi-sensory learning hour about trauma


Where? Young Hearts & Minds Event – Waterfront Hall

When ? Wednesday 27th June – 1630 – 1730

Cost ? £48 – 2 Days / £35 – 1 Day


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A little bit about the speakers!

Dr Shoshannah Lyons is a specialist in psychological trauma and works with children, families and adults who have been through highly distressing events. She has worked extensively with social services to support families in developing safer parenting; and she has many years’ experience working with foster carers, adoptive parents and Social Workers to support the assessment and treatment of chronically traumatized children. In her clinical work, Shoshanah also specializes in working with adults who have been abused as children.

Roy Fears‘ is a Drama and Movement Therapist. His work is underpinned and informed by the ‘Hero’ archetype and the journey each hero must take; so whether we are the toddler crawling away from the mother and looking over our shoulder, Perseus slaying Medusa or Little Red Riding Hood leaping from the belly of the Big Bad Wolf – every Hero’s journey is about taking a risk, overcoming an obstacle and returning transformed. Dramatherapy allows this journey to happen in every session; obliquely through an enactment, or more directly by listening, talking and being present. Just walking across the threshold of the consulting room is the beginning of a hero’s journey and the transformation and healing starts right there.


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